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Client Testimonials


  • Sharon really pays attention to our form. I’ve never had a trainer that consistently pays attention to how I’m positioned during a move and points out ways to change it. She really knows a lot about the body and cares enough to make sure we don’t get hurt.


  • I’ve always been a clock watcher and knowing that this was a 45 minute class got me to come in! I always leave knowing I had a GREAT workout. I love the Powerplate training. I’ve definitely gotten a lot stronger.


  • I have been a client with Sharon for 6 years. When I started, I had very little balance and poor core strength, and could barely do a push up. With the power plate class Sharon teaches I am proud of how strong I now am and how many push ups I can do! I believe why so many people fail at improving their health is that it is boring and routine. They don't know how to challenge themselves. Sharon's power plate class is NEVER the same, and extremely challenging . What I respect most about Sharon is her knowledge of the body and how to change it. I will never stop coming as long as there is a class!


  • My friend asked if I wanted to try a Powerplate class. I came to the workout not knowing anything about it and I walked away loving it! I felt like every muscle in my body was getting worked where other workouts never gave me that same feeling.


  • One thing I love about Sharon is she cares about your form but she also pushes you beyond what you think you could do. She gets great results! I feel more energetic and less fatigued. I highly recommend working out with Sharon!


  • Sharon helps me with stability and flexibility exercises as well as strength and cardiovascular training. I feel much more comfortable with my twist and my golf swing has definitely improved!


  • PowerPlate makes every exercise infinitely harder but that means you see results so much faster! I feel stronger and I love that feeling and it's all thanks to Sharon.